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The formula for a perfectly styled console table

The great thing about having a console table is that you don't need to commit to accessories forever! As long as you have a few good, core pieces you can change the decorative items seasonally. While there are no "rules" on this, having well proportioned pieces is the key. One of my favourite mantras is "Fewer, better pieces".
You will get more bang for your buck by investing in a few key items that will hold their own than getting too many "chatchkis".

Four key take-aways to remember are:

Step 1: Elevate the top
Balance the console sizing with either a piece of art (or grouping of art) or a mirror.
I love a round mirror or clock for above the console as it lends a different shape.
We all have the typical rectangular pieces of art somewhere in our homes, and round is a nice change of pace.

Step 2: Levels
Use two fairly substantial accessories to anchor each side of the table.
These can be a lamp, large vase with greenery, hurricane, or anything that brings the eye "up". Ideally these two pieces should be similar in size and weight.

Step 3: Layers
Use varying sizes for the secondary accessory pieces with different textures.
This is where you can use a bowl or tray, vases with interest, or any items that are sentimental and may need the weight of the larger pieces. Variety of height is key here. You also want to make sure to layer the items from front to back so they are not all in a row like ducks! Bringing smaller items forward will add interest.

Step 4: Balance
Don't forget how important the bottom is! This is a great opportunity to make use of this extra storage space if the console is open on the bottom. Baskets, storage boxes, or ottoman are perfect for this! If you can, add an area rug to finish everything off.
This will make the area look like a curated vignette.

Reach out if you need help pulling things together for your home!
We offer a wide range of services from finish selections, space planning, floorplans, furniture selection, and realistic 3D Renderings.
Here are more great ideas on console styling from my recent trip to High Point NC.
I love the unique ways every manufacturer puts their own twist on how to dress up a table.

Here are a few more ideas that are less conventional but still make great impact!

Have fun and play around to see what woks best for you. Decorating and design are all about making your home right for the way you use it, and with your own style.

I am excited to be offering virtual design to clients anywhere in North America!
Technology makes us feel like we are working in person without the time, expense, and logistics of distance and travel.
Our 3D renderings help you see how great your room will look before spending a dime on any furnishings. What could be better than that?

Here is how our Virtual Design works:

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