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Perfect Paint Colour Palette- Modern Farmhouse

While we have certainly seen our share of shiplap and rustic tables, Farmhouse style is still holding strong.
We are seeing cleaner versions with mixed materials, bold accent colour, and comfortable textures.
The relaxed Farmhouse style gets mixed with cleaner, smoother lines and finishes, more refined materials, and contemporary design elements. Stainless steel fixtures and appliances, sleek lighting, and amazing solid surfaces bring in a touch of luxury, while still keeping rooms family-friendly and easy to live with.
You will always feel comfortable enough to put your feet up and relax with this style!

Here are my go-to paint colours for a Modern Farmhouse look.

I just love Newburyport Blue from Benjamin Moore for it's depth and bold tone.
While Hale Navy is a tried-and true standard navy, Newburyport has so much more to offer.
Here is a comparison of the two.
While Hale Navy can look almost like dark charcoal, Newburyport Blue has some gorgeous richness. Look at the impact it can make on a vanity!

If you are looking for a new look in your space, reach out to see how we can work together!
I work with clients all across North America virtually to make your house YOUR home.
Check out my eDesign section to see how we can work together.

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I love this modern farmhouse palette that you've put together! It is so chic and stylish. ☀️ If any readers are looking for outdoor furniture pieces to complement this aesthetic, I would recommend the Wickerpark Lovett Vive Collection: Their collection features subtle grey and natural hues that can enhance the overall modern farmhouse aesthetic.

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